Half an hour earlier

The first test for us is to adjust our schedule half an hour earlier. Most of KL’s classes start at 8.30am and he needs at least 50 minutes to get to school via public transport. In our old routine, we all leave the house slightly after 8am … so obviously that routine will have to be changed because he can’t be arriving at his classes late every morning.

Our old routine in the morning … KL/Jane/Titus wake up between 7.00am – 7.20am. Adults bathe, T mucks around the house. We wake K up around 7.45am. Boys get their teeth brushed, visit the toilet, change to school clothes in a mad rush. Boys grab fruits on the way to the car park. I’ll drive off from car park between 8.05am – 8.15am. Boys eat more breakfast on the car ride to school. We’ll reach school, I’ll drop them off, drive to work and arrive between 8.30am (on a really good day) – 8.45am (on a normal day).

Our new routine will ideally be … KL/Jane wake up around 6.45am. Everyone leaves the house by 7.30am. I don’t know yet what will happen in between. Hmm, we’ll try it out tomorrow and see how it goes. Boys were chased to bed slightly earlier today and are both sleeping by 9.15pm. I’ll attempt to sleep a wee bit earlier every night, 12 midnight instead of 12.30am.

Meanwhile, T’s bump on the back of his head is no longer there. I think it’s really an insect bite.


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