Glimpse of the new school

Here’s a glimpse of the new school from the seventh floor of our HDB multi-story carpark. It’s the small white building right in the middle of the picture. The school compound comprises of:

  • Main building which is a two storey house (T’s class will be downstairs, K’s class will be upstairs), annex for cooking, outdoor eating area (that’s sheltered)
  • Annex building for cooking and eating (children eat outdoors under a shelter)
  • Outdoor playing area (grass and trees, yeah!)
  • Smallish carpark for parents for drop offs and pick ups.

I’m told that the max capacity in the new school is 85, so that’s about slightly more than double the size of our current one. The new school is non air-conditioned so boys needn’t bring any sweaters or blankets in their school bags. I’m thinking f I should send them to school with mosquito patches everyday because there’s bound to be mozzies in the outdoor areas. Still thinking about it.

Counting down … 35 more days to go before boys start attending their new school!


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