Ugly mascots

T is sitting on my lap while I surf the Olympics website now. He said “one eye” when he saw these mascots. Eeee, they’re so ugly. My words, not his. We’re home bound today and it’s so boring that I even have to resort to surfing the Olympics website. It’s a nice day but K is just not fit to go out. He’s been having diarrhoea and vomiting for almost two whole days. He’s taking an afternoon nap now, rare thing that happens only when he’s sick.


2 thoughts on “Ugly mascots

  1. Hey there must be some virus going around. Apparently there are kids in Asher’s school w those same symptoms. Poor K, maybe bring him for a stroller ride in the park for fresh air!

    • He’s alright today already. No more diarrhea and he’s back to normal =) I overheard teacher saying that one of his close friends in school had vomiting symptoms this morning.

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