Height and weight

The three of us were at the hospital this morning. I had to see my dermatologist to remove my stitches. T had a regular PD appointment, and his teacher urged me to get him checked for HFMD because there were spots on his right leg. K wanted to follow us and since he was feeling under the weather the whole weekend, I thought no harm bringing him to the PD together to see what she says about him.

At the PD clinic, boys took their height and weight. K is 13.7kg and approx 104cm. T is 12.9kg and more than 90cm tall. I did’nt see the exact height because there was a lot of squeamishness at the height machine, he kept saying that the height board would “hit” him.

PD gave boys the all clear to go back to school tomorrow. No medicine needed for either of them because she thought they looked well. She said K looked fine to her (no signs of dehydration) and we should just wait out for K’s body to expulse all the diarrhoea (none today actually), while T’s lesions on the leg are probably from a recent viral illness.



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