No school for ten days

School is out for 10 days because of a HFMD mandatory closure stipulated by MCYS. I was quite looking forward to the boys going for their national day celebration in school today but guess that didn’t materialize.

So what did the boys do on day 1? They stayed at home for the most part of the day because I didn’t want to apply for leave today. 公公 and his helper Auntie Inah came over to our place early in the morning to play with them. 奶奶 came over in the late morning to take over. I dropped by at lunch time to have a look. Boys played with toys, played with grandparents, played games on the phone for a while, watched youtube clips and blew bubbles in the corridor. K also practised writing some Chinese words while 奶奶 was around.

I came back at 5-ish, prepped their dinner, had dinner with them, 奶奶 left and then we went downstairs with their scooters to play for a good hour. They were the ones who insisted on climbing onto my lap to get their pictures taken!


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