Trial swimming lesson

K attended a trial swimming lesson today. For the longest time, I’ve been searching for a weekday afternoon swimming lesson that’s conducted in a pool nearby … but to no avail. Today I finally caved in and bought him for a Sunday 3pm-4pm trial at a pool that’s 1.5km away from our home. He spent 15 min with the teacher, learnt how to blow bubbles, was assessed to be confident in the water and before we left the pool I signed him up for a beginner’s class from next Sunday onward. Lessons are held once a week and they cost $80+ per month.

Other than the pool being near our home, the other factors that swayed my decision were free parking, ample sitting area around the pool (both shaded and non shaded), baby pool for T to play in, gym for me to visit (provided I can figure out how to occupy T constructively for 30-45 minutes w/out resorting to playing games on the phone), and decent shower facilities.

Photos above were taken with my wonky camera (which suddenly decided to come alive today) when K was at the trial lesson. T initially had fun checking out the new pool on his own, doing his favourite thing of jumping/splashing into any body of water. But after a while he got bored playing by himself and decided that it was funner to play with his kor kor. He came to me a few times to ask me to get his kor kor to play with him.


2 thoughts on “Trial swimming lesson

  1. oh no.. D1 had not even taken a proper swimming lesson.. we are just lazy on packing so much stuffs just to head for the pool as we are car-less.. coz he still do not have confident to be on his own except for baby pool

    • Compared to a lot of parents who are already sending their children for Chinese, phonics, piano, abacus etc, I am also considered very lazy, hahaa.

      Aiyah, you can take your time to start. I think as long as you start before they end primary school will do. Otherwise secondary school might be too old to start basic swimming lessons? There’s definitely no hurry for learning swimming … just get D1 to go more often to the pool and build his confidence first =)

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