Second day

Second day at new school has come and gone.

The three of us managed to get out of the house early enough for us to ditch the car and walk to school + for me to take public transport to work. Horrors, I discovered that the road leading in/out of the childcare will always be packed with parents’ cars from 7.30 to 8.00am. I previously thought the road would have cleared up by 7.30am because regular schools start around that time. But after chatting with a student from the school along the childcare’s road today, I realized that the school starts only at 8.10am. Means I would have to battle with this bad jam problem on a perennial basis as long as I am driving there before 8.00am (which is like most of the time)! The only reason why we didn’t encounter it on Monday was because Monday being Monday, we were late and dropped the boys off after 8.00am.

K said he cried once in the morning. He told me it was due to homework but he couldn’t remember exactly what happened to make him cry. He said his form teacher told him that he needs to grow fatter and gave him a lot of food at lunch time. Later on, Chinese teacher praised him “非常好” when he finished the big lunch. He also took a very big nap because form teacher sat beside him to make sure that he closed his eyes … he claims his form teacher is “quite fierce (ha!)” hence he had no choice but to nap.

T, according to the school administrator, ate a very big portion at lunch time too. I think the boys must really like the food at this new school … either that or their teachers are very encouraging to get them to finish their food. Grandparents would definitely be very happy to hear all these eating updates!


2 thoughts on “Second day

  1. Hi, found your blog lately.. i believe you stay in the west side? Where did you send your boy to sch? My boy is currently 1.5yr and i am looking for a sch… desperately.. 🙂

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