Nosebleed at dinner time

This happened on Friday evening. Boys were already seated at the dining table and their food have just been laid out in front of them. T had mucous so I used a tissue paper to clean it up. I don’t know if it’s entirely my fault for squeezing his nose too hard, or perhaps it isn’t, but blood suddenly started oozing out of his nose! He was upset that the blood dripped onto his spoon and soup, I was frantically trying to K’s help to go to the room and get a towel from the cupboard, while all the while I had to keep T still and keep the tissue glued to his face so that the blood won’t splutter onto the table/high chair/rest of our food. Three very bloody pieces of tissue later, the towel arrived. I cleaned up the spoon/soup, wet the towel and cleaned T up. Everyone calmed down and we were finally able to start dinner. I had to assist T with his food that evening because the nosebleed really took quite a long while before it subsided.


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