How much does 1.5 hours of quiet time cost?

Answer is $16.90! T has been accumulating stars on his own good boy star chart after he turned 2.5 years old, and he’s accumulated 14 stars so far and that translates into two rewards. The criteria for one star includes not crying for any parent in the middle of the night, not have pee/poop accidents, not touch the iPhone … and of course the usual stuff like eating his meals well, playing with his brother well and not being a nuisance for the entire day applies.

As T is still in a I’m-crazy-about-puzzles mode, for his first ever reward he chose a 104 piece spiderman puzzle from Popular bookshop. He can’t fix it on his own yet so big brother stepped in to help and they took 1.5 hours to complete it together on Sunday morning. For the entire duration, boys stayed glued to the wooden platform and hardly talked to me (or even to each other). It was a blissfully quiet and peaceful Sunday morning, hahaa!


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