Random conversations with a (soon to be) three year old

27 Jul 12
(I was asked to pick T up early from school as teachers thought he felt feverish, and these were some of his yakkings when I bought him out for lunch …)
T: I am not sick.
T: I am a little sick (and asked to be carried).
T: I think I love you a little.
T: The card (he was holding my ez link card at the bus stop) is waiting for the bus, mama.

8 Aug 12
(Boys were rattling off about some superheros)
T: Superman (blah blah blah) idleman!
(I had to explain that idleman is not a superhero because that’s actually nothing man. Boys were so amused that now they constantly refer to idleman at home!)

Weekend in August 2012
(Recounted by my mum)
T: Baby Lucian is not in my stomach.

9 Aug 12
(I can’t remember the context to this)
T: The toilet bowl will flush me away.

10 – 24 Aug 12
T: I don’t want to be a teacher. I want to be Titus brother forever.
T: I want to be a student forever. And Titus brother forever. I don’t want to be a teacher.
T: (Addressed to me) I am a boy. You are a girl. You can be a girl forever.

28 Aug 12
T: Mama, you are driving. When you grow up, you can be an ambulance driver.
K: Titus says when kor kor grows up, he will be a zombie.

29 Aug 12
T: Kor kor wants to be a carrot juice and pau when he grows up.
(Because K always asked for carrot juice and pau for his nightime snack those few weeks in August.)

August 2012
Me: What colour is this? (Correct answer is yellow or 黄色)
T: 猪!
Me: …..

4 Aug 12
K: I want honey (with the hashbrown that he is eating).
Me: I am not free (blah blah blah).
T: Mama, are u expensive?

4 Sep 12
(Usual squabbling in the car …)
K: You are a liar.
T: I tell the truth.
(sometime later in the conversation)
T: I am not a lion.


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