Happy 3rd Birthday Titus!

The littlest member in our family turned 3 today! I sent him to school with a homemade slab of konyaku jelly with strawberries and grapes … that slab is supposed to pass off as an agar agar cake because (unfortunately) our regular agar agar cake supplier couldn’t take our orders this year as she’s too busy fulfilling agar agar mooncake orders (sighz). I heard from T’s teacher that he was happy enough with the birthday song and candle blowing in school. None of us parents managed to make it to the celebration at school because work’s been crazily busy for me and KL doesn’t finish classes till 5pm on most days. There wasn’t a celebration with the extended family either because my dad’s currently hospitalized at the moment.

But since this was an extra special day, we sat down at the bench downstairs to take A LOT of four-of-us photos this morning before everyone went their own way to work/school. At dinner time, we also sang many many rounds of the birthday song to T. He later improvised that song to “Happy Birthday Idleman”. After his bath, he received a 135 piece Cars puzzle from KL as a birthday gift and he was mighty pleased with that. I didn’t get him any toy for a present because I generally don’t believe in indulging the boys with toys if they don’t earn it with stars. To be fair, both K and T didn’t get anything from me for their birthdays this year. But I still owe T a present for seven good boy stars that he earned so if we pass by a bookshop this week, I might get him to choose a gift for himself from the bookshop. I just hope he doesn’t choose another puzzle cos he’s been receiving so many new puzzles these days from our kind relatives and family friends!


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