Jotting down a quick update about T and diapers. He has been off daytime diapers in school/home for more than half a year already. For nap time in school, he still uses a diaper as I don’t want his teachers to have to clean up any pee accidents so the nap diapers will have to stay at least for a few months more. For night time at home,  he wakes up with a dry diaper the next morning … most of the time. Three days ago, I sent him to bed without a diaper. First night was fine, he woke up dry. Second night was fine, he work up dry. Third night, he peed and wailed loudly at about 4 plus (?) in the morning to go to bathe! Traumatic to clean him up, change the blanket, change his clothes, and get him to sleep again. So I think I’ll just stick with night time diapers for a few more months. For K’s case, he was off night time diapers after he turned 3.5 years old.


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