Trying new food in new school

K has been trying new food in the new school. When he was in the old school, I would always pack a box of snacks in his bag so if the school’s breakfast/afternoon snack has diary and egg content, he’ll just eat his own snack. But his new form teacher has encouraged me to cut out all the home snacks, so on days that he totally can’t eat the food, she’ll get replacement breakfast/afternoon snack for him from the school kitchen. This works well for me, cos there’s one less thing to pack in his school bag daily. The new form teacher has also been encouraging K to try a bit of this and a bit of that with dairy and egg content. He tried koko crunch and he totally had no allergic reaction to it, so now he takes in for breakfast in school (once a week?) and asks for it occasionally at home (because I love koko crunch and always have some in the fridge). He had a little bit of scrambled eggs purposely mixed into his bee hoon and he was alright with it. Yesterday at a classmate’s birthday party, he even tried a small piece of chocolate cake (after a lot of coaxing from the form teacher) and he was alright with it too. She said it was probably from Polar, so I’m thinking maybe it’s the plain chocolate type w/out too much cream on it. Anyway, K didn’t actually think the chocolate cake was yummy, he thought it was “okay” only. The only major visible allergic reaction he had in the past month in school was from eating cereal with Magnolia milk by accident. He had a lot of rashes after that, but no puking and no diarrhea.

T is not so adventurous when it comes to trying out new food in school. He doesn’t want to eat a lot of the breakfast items that the school serves, especially bread. So I have to continue to pack a small box of snacks in his bag or a small pack of biscuits or some baby red bean buns so that he doesn’t starve during breakfast. As for lunch and afternoon snack, I heard from K’s form teacher that T is “picky”. Have yet to get a chance to ask T’s form teacher about his behaviour at meal times though.


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