Happy Children’s Day!

Boys celebrated children’s day in school today. Based on my chats with the teachers and from K’s recounting of the day’s event … morning classes were cancelled, a magician was invited to school to perform for an hour (tricks were apparently to make someone in school “poo out money”, made money come out of someone’s ears, expand a ball after it hit the wall etc), there were lots of arts and craft, special treats for the children, and small gifts to bring home. Gifts that I found in the boys’ bags included an angry birds old school pencil case (the type with an inbuilt sharpener that can pop up by pressing a button), angry birds stationary, mickey mouse stationary, piggy bank, small game/crafts, lots and lots of sweets.

Continuing with the spirit of trying new food, K tried chocolate eclair, pandan cake, colourful sprinklers and something that looked like M&Ms but w/out the M on top (not too sure if it contained chocolate inside). No puking, but he was visibly itchy when I picked him up from school. He said he was hot, but I won’t totally dismiss it could be due to the stuff he ate for his afternoon snack. Oh, and he tried the regular flavoured Yakult in school yesterday. School serves it once a week. He didn’t finish his entire bottle but said it was quite nice.

While K hasn’t been puking and hasn’t developed hives/rashes in the past month (except for that one time he accidentally drank Magnolia milk), he did develop four unexplained abscesses (ie collection of pus with swelling/inflammation). The abscesses appeared on the neck (small one), trunk (small one + big one) and buttocks (very big one). They’ve since healed but till now we still don’t know what caused them.

Back to the topic of children’s day, when I asked T to recount the day’s event, he said he showered in school, took a nap, took his lunch. And that was it, he really couldn’t elaborate further. T hasn’t been trying new food like his brother so very likely, this could just have been just another day in school for him. Such an oblivious person!


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