The Star Vista

The Star Vista is a new mall in Bouna Vista that just opened its doors a few weeks back. Bought the boys there for dinner tonight. There are tons of restaurants at the mall so it was quite a surprise that we had a really challenging time looking for a restaurant that had a child-friendly menu. Boston Seafood Shack, Hot Tomato Cafe & Grill, Watami, Menya Musashi and Triple-O’s were the restaurants that we had walked into to ask, but discovered that they didn’t serve children meals at all. Well, Coco Icibanya does have a children’s menu but my boys don’t eat curry so that’s out of the question. In the end we settled for Watami. I felt that the ramen was way too salty, but the boys polished off an adult’s bowl together cos they were starving after visiting the park and walking around the mall. K was looking a bit off after his meal (started lying down on the chair) and I knew that he was probably going to have an allergic reaction to the food. I asked for my food to be packed up and immediately drove the boys home. Luckily, home was only a few minutes away and K told me on the way home that he had rashes on his face. He puked out his dinner within 5 minutes after I dropped him off (phew, not inside the car). He also had sore eyes about 1 hour after the meal. And to think that I confirmed and double confirmed and triple confirmed with the staff that the ramen soup didn’t contain any allergens. Maybe I should have asked about the ramen noodles also. T was totally fine after dinner. Okay, no more eating at Watami the next time we visit The Star Vista, if I ever bring the boys to this mall, that is. I’ll probably still go by myself (cos there’s a Gong Cha there and I absolutely love the yummy fresh milk herbal jelly drink) or with KL or with colleagues (soup pasta at Youmenya Goemon is really delish and I’ll love to visit it again to try the other items on the menu!). Just not with the boys cos it’ll be so much simpler to bring them to regular places like good-ol Clementi Mall for weekday dinners.


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