Renovation at Hort Park

The children’s play area at Hort Park is undergoing extensive renovation. Climbing equipment at the sand pit and 5-12 year old children’s playground have been completely removed! Since there are less things to play with, we spent most of the afternoon exploring the area around the glass houses instead. Boys found a sunflower that was even taller than them! K is going around on his new scooter. We bought it two Saturdays ago (while we were at the family chalet) because the handle for the old one came off and it wasn’t too safe to use anymore. K has been scooting everyday so that’s really a good buy at $24!


3 thoughts on “Renovation at Hort Park

  1. Justina, I went to check the receipt. It’s $24 and not $24.95, ha! Got it from “Play2learn” at Changi City Point #02-25. Really good deal cos usually these type of scooters cost $50 or more =)

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