Abscess, diapers, nosebleed, songs and scars on the face

Jotting down the things that happened this week.

K has a big abscess (collection of pus with swelling and inflammation around it) on his left foot where many small eczema spots were clustering around. The swelling started last Thursday/Friday. My mum was worried so she bought him to her usual GP on Saturday. We didn’t follow up with the medication because it’s not the first time he has a big abscess, so while we pity him for having the abscess, we were not too worried but rather were waiting for it to burst by itself. However, swelling got so bad that we burst it for him yesterday night to relieve the pressure and even though a lot of blood and pus oozed out, it wasn’t fully drained. The abscess burst again in school this morning. K said two friends were nearby and they likened the blood flowing out to be “like a volcano” while one friend even said that seeing it would “give him a nightmare” tonight.

T has been very persistent in not wanting to wear diapers at night. He’s already 100% off diapers in the day so here we are trying to go 100% off diapers in the night too. Three nights in a row already that he’s woken up without a diaper and without wetting himself.

New school is going to have a big school concert in mid November. Boys have been frequently practicing their song/dance in school. The students around T’s age will be dancing to Abba’s Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, I Have a Dream and Honey Honey. I knew this even before I asked the teachers because T is always humming “dancing queen … blah blah blah” and “mama mia … blah blah blah” at home. The students around K’s age will be dancing to Mary Poppin’s A Spoon Full of Sugar and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. because the concert is going to be staged at a huge venue, each ticket will cost a whopping $25.

When I picked T up on Tuesday, he had bad scratches on his nose and chin. The scratches are healing, albeit really slowly. They’re looking like ugly scars on his face now. Cause is most likely him falling face down while he’s walking/running … as he always does.

In the last two weeks of October, we’ve had two nosebleeds for K and none for T. Okay, bye October!


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