We don’t buy Yakult that regularly at home. But since they’ve joined the new school and started drinking Yakult in school, they’ve asked me a few times to buy it for them at the supermarket. Here’s T standing really still (because I told him to stand still for me to take a picture of him) and slurping the entire bottle of Yakult at one go …

On allergies, T has started taking his morning cereal with fresh milk in school and he’s not had any reactions whatsoever. Either he’s never been allergic to diary products ever, or he’s just outgrown the allergies. I don’t know which it is cos we’ve not deliberately exposed him to diary products since young if we can help it. I suspect that he’s still not doing very well for eggs yet (can take egg yolk though). As for K, he’s able to tolerate milk based products better now, but still can’t take fresh milk by itself and will get rashes/hives.


One thought on “Yakult

  1. I really hated when CCs give yakult cos it has sooooooo much sugar, so I didn’t allow Ry to have it and then I kinda felt bad cos her frens were all drinking it, argh.

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