Sunday morning walk around Bukit Batok

Last Sunday, I bought the boys for a morning walk around the Bukit Batok area. We explored the small shops near the MRT station and discovered “The Rolling Pin” which is a really cool bakery. Boys ate cranberry rolls from the bakery for their breakfast and K liked the cranberries so much that he was counting how many there were in every single roll. Now, T does not eat the usual sliced white bread at school/home so all the while we thought he’s just not a bread lover but when he tried the cranberry rolls, he kept asking for more! So it’s not a case that he does not like to eat bread, but that he just likes to eat nice bread. Next time I pass by this bakery, I think I shall go try their other well-reviewed products such as cream puffs and swiss rolls. We also found a new playground (new to us, but it’s actually an old playground) opposite West Mall where these photos were taken.


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