Ulu Pandan Park Connector

We did something unusual today. Usually on public holidays, we’ll be spending the morning/afternoon together as a family of four and meeting the grandparents for meals in the evening. Today, we did neither. In the morning, KL and T went off on their own to a class gathering at KL’s lecturer’s home. K and I went off on our own to exercise. I jogged and he scooted. We set off from home, made our way to the Ulu Pandan park connector, and continued on to Clementi Mall on foot. All in all, we covered about 4km. I only timed the park connector portion and we took 31 minutes to cover 2 km (super slow cos he kept stopping to rest). The most enjoyable part of park connector stretch for him were the falling leaves and small flowers.

We also met a handcycling athlete and chatted with him a bit. He was aiming to cover 16km today and he left K with quite a lasting impression. Thought K a new word this afternoon — determination. Told K that the next time he feels tired and wants to whine, he should think of the uncle we met this morning who has no legs at all but yet is able to cover 8 times the distance we did because of his determination.


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