Mandai Zoo on 18 Nov 12

Bought the boys to the zoo this morning. K already made up his mind that he wanted to fully explore the (dry) playground at Kidzworld, so that was what we did for most of the visit. T didn’t have an opinion (except to follow his brother and mother) so we skipped the water play altogether. Their lunch was packed from my mum’s place when I picked them up in the morning, and with the money we saved from not having to buy lunch at the zoo, I allowed them to indulge a scoop of mango sorbet with star sprinkles. They really enjoyed the treat because it was such a hot day!

Two highlights at the zoo today were to come up close with a peacock and watch the lemurs eat their breakfast. It’s my first time watching a scheduled animal feeding and I’m quite surprised at the large variety of food offered to the lemurs … grapes, watermelon, papaya, apples, bananas! There are some random plant pictures at the last collage because K is interested in plants these days. He keeps pointing them out to me, asking me to snap pictures, getting my phone to snap pictures of them himself.


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