Recent events at school

T had a massive nosebleed on Wednesday. Blood oozed out just as I was dropping him off at the school door. It didn’t stop bleeding for 15 minutes. I had to stay behind to wash his shirt, wash my pants, check that he’s okay etc so I ended up going really late to work that day.

Boys had their school concert at the University Cultural Centre (UCC) yesterday evening. The event lasted from 7pm to 9pm. I was sitting so far away from the stage that I couldn’t make out K from his other classmates. But T was quite obvious on stage, and both me and my mum thought he danced really well!

Chatted with K’s teacher and she said he’s been eating eggs with his friend rice in school. No puking but I did notice the eczema slightly flaring up in the last two weeks. Wonder if it’s cos of the eggs from school. K also ate a bit of pizza with cheese on Monday at school, and while he had no puking, he coughed non stop for an hour that evening. Stopped coughing only at 8pm.

Not sending the boys to school tomorrow. KL is free for the day and so am I. Planning to bring the boys to Legoland!


2 thoughts on “Recent events at school

    • Totally agree that it was very very fun … but we didn’t finish it because it was going to rain so we faster went off in our car before it poured heavily. Must go back again, and this time round, have to plan better which attractions to visit.

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