Branded with an X

T threw a big tantrum this afternoon. He’s a little bit obsessed about the Angela Zhang CD in the car nowadays and always wants to listen to the songs as long as he can. Sometimes, he refuses to get out of the car seat even though I’ve already reached school and turned off the engine. Other times, he would tell me to “park the car somewhere else” even after I’ve found a lot … just so that he can listen a bit more. Some evenings, he would choose to substitute a book for four youtube clips of his favourite songs.

Back to this afternoon’s story. I’ve already parked the car and left the engine on for an extra 20 sec for him to finish the track, but he fell into a rage when I turned off the engine. Was crying/screaming, mucus all over the face, didn’t want to go home, didn’t want to wash up after he reached home, didn’t want to remove his clothes to bathe … etc you get the idea. We forcibly bathed him anyway and when he calmed down, KL took a black pen and drew an X on his forearm as a punishment. It’s the first time we are branding them with a negative mark, and as expected, he was very upset to be branded with the X. He tried to rub it off with one of K’s erasers but of course it didn’t work. I finally washed it off for him with soap and water in his evening bath.

PS: We visited Legoland on Friday! T asked me at dinner time just now —  really earnestly — “mama, tomorrow (referring to Monday) after we wake up and brush our teeth and pee pee and flush and wash our hands and change clothes, can we go to Legoland”? Haha, answer is of course no.


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