Random conversations with a three year old

3 Oct 12

(When asked to recount his weekend at grandparents’ house …)
T: Por por go out. Auntie Inah go out. We stay alone at home. We play iPhone alone.

7 Oct 12

(T stares at our front load washing machine which is spinning very rapidly)
T: Our washing machine washing clothes is like a rabbit
(T waves his hands rapidly in a circular motion)
T: One two three. Ready go. Stop.
(Later on, I realized he meant the washing machine reminded him of the hamster running on wheels at the Clementi Mall pet shop)

11 Oct 12

T: Mama, wear my shoes for me.
Me: No.
T: Then I don’t be your friend (common retort that the brother always say to him).

26 Oct 12

Me: Look at the monkeys (at the zoo). Do you look like them?
T: No (pauses), because I got no tail.

1 Nov 12

(Conversation about a pair of pants that T is wearing which has the words “I love mum” … )
T: Mum is mama.
Me: Yes, some people use mum, mummy, mama. They are all the same. Some people use ma.
T: Ma is horse.

xx Nov 12

(Conversation about a squeaky seal toy in the bath tub)
Me: So cute right?
T: Yes, I am so cute.

xx Nov 12

(Explaining to K about the difference between 象and 像 …)
K: 你很像大便 (laughs hysterically).
T: 我是一大便 (laughs hysterically too).
(… and the first ever Chinese sentence that T has strung before in his life is a rude one!)

9 Nov 12

T: Look at my hurt, mama!
(He meant to ask me to look at his wound)

xx Nov 12

(Upon turning into the carpark …)
T: We richard already.
(He wanted to describe reach using the past tense. Richard, by the way, is his grandfather’s name!)

11 Nov 12

(After having packed his toys …)
T: Look mama, I packen the puzzle.
(Again, he wanted to describe pack using the past tense.)


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