Bangkok December 2012
Am back from Bangkok! Was a totally relaxing trip cos we did not bring the boys along. Lots of shopping and eating (in peace). Clocked 16km in the gym, spread out over three gym sessions. I also watched “The Hobbit” on the big screen, which is my first and only movie in 2012!

Bought a lot of English books for the boys too, as I’m consciously trying to introduce K to more non-fiction titles. Books are just so much cheaper in Bangkok than Singapore. Am not really in a hurry to give them this set of books to them though … cos they’re both still caught up with unwrapping their x-mas presents and fiddling with their new playthings at home.

While we were away, T had a nosebleed. Sighz, and I thought December could be a nosebleed-free month. K had an hour-long allergic reaction after eating dairy-based ice cream at the school’s x-mas celebration. My mum did not give him any anti-histamines cos she didn’t have access to any, but he recovered on his own w/out any puking.


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