Jurong East Swimming Complex

Wanted to bring the boys to the zoo last Sunday but K complained that it was too hot, and since there were swimming clothes in my bag and swimming floats in my car, I made a really last minute decision to check out Jurong East Swimming Complex instead. Entry was cheap at $2 per adult and $1 per child. With the money I saved, I bought K a new swim board and I bought T a new set of sand/bath toys.

For young children, there are three bodies of water at this complex that are 0.5m in depth. Its definitely safe enough for the two of them to play inside with me supervising from afar. If we’re going to check this place out again, I’ll be sure to bring my swimming attire because for adults, there’s also a wave pool, three slides (minimum height requirement is 1.2m tall) and some meandering river (where you can rent a tube float to go through).


2 thoughts on “Jurong East Swimming Complex

    • Yes, I went on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t too crowded because I went really early. Crowd started coming in around 10 – 11 am

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