Hong Kong in January 2013

Hong Kong January 2013

Last week, I took four days off work (and family) to visit Hong Kong. Travelled with three friends from the office who planned and navigated the trip really well, so much so that I didn’t have to do anything for/on the trip other than to turn up and eat, eat and eat.  My designation for the trip was “eater”! We ate so unbelievably much — 16 sit-down meals in 2.5 days, and that’s not counting the street side food and drinks. Wow, that’s really a feat! Of course, it’s not possible to post pictures of all the food that I ate, so I simply picked my favourite ones for this collage. Special mention goes to the roast goose, milk pudding, and claypot rice! The pictures really don’t do justice to the yummy food, hahaa!

Hong Kong January 2013 (2)
To burn off all the calories, we walked a lot (10km on a single day?) and we also squeezed in a 3 hour hike to the Victoria Peak (also 10km?). Other than the peak, my friends didn’t plan to visit any other tourist attraction cos they’ve been to Hong Kong many times already and I myself wasn’t keen to do anything too touristy as well, even though it’s my first time to Hong Kong. Overall, I would say that this was a really fun getaway because of my excellent travel companions who planned/navigated so well that it was a totally fuss free trip on my part. Great weather (winter, but not too cold), great food and great company!


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