Sleeping in the pool


Pool 31 Jan 13
I’m back to posting collages. It’s quite unsatisfactory to post just a single photo in one post, especially if the photo is taken with a low quality phone camera. In future (don’t know when?) when I get around to buying a proper camera, maybe I’ll go back to post single photos again. But for now, it’ll be collages so the blog won’t look so dreary.

Brought the boys to the pool today. I’ve been diligently bringing them to the pool at least once a week (swimming lessons on Sundays are not counted cos only K attends them). They’re sleeping in the pool cos they were were playing a game of sleeping, waking up, cooking (on the swimming board), eating, sleeping etc. K tried to use his float to self-learn how to swim backwards because he’s seen other people do swim backstroke in the pool and is keen to try it out. So far so good, he has self-taught and can do a teeny weeny bit of floating on his back.


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