At 5 years and 10 months old, K tasted peanuts for the first time in his life. I know and he knows he’s allergic to nuts. But I guess in the mayhem that came with the CNY celebration in school, he forgot to inform the teacher(s) that he could not take nuts and the teacher(s) forgot to go through the allergy list before offering the yusheng to the students.

Shortly after he finished his yusheng, he had two major puking sessions within 10 minutes. First time was in his classroom at about 4pm+, second time was just after he climbed into his car seat … phew, luckily I was super nimble to scoop him immediately out of the car seat so his puke landed entirely outside the car. Puke had a lot of colourful orange bits, so I think he really ate quite a lot of yusheng.

At 5pm+, his face was red, eyes were red, nose was dripping, throat was hurting and he was generally lethargic from the puking. At 6pm+, he started scratching his lower body (area from the stomach down to the thighs) so furiously that the thighs around his groin had red/sore marks from just a few minutes of scratching. Luckily, KL arrived home just in time when the itch set in so he gave K a cold shower to ease the itch. After the bath, I fed him Zyrtec and applied Elomet on the sore parts to further ease the itch. He sat down for dinner with us — a packet of ribena, two pieces of wholemeal wrap (no fillings). Throughout, he was coughing non stop and hives started appearing below his neck, behind his ears, on his forehead. Little bumps (not hives, just itchy things) also appeared on the joints of his arms/legs. Close to 7pm, I did an unthinkable thing for a weekday. I offered him the iPhone for one hour so that he can stop thinking about the itch and get his hands away from the scratching himself. Close to 8pm, his coughing lessened and skin was getting less red/bumpy. He ate an apple and some plain crackers. At about 8.45pm, he was totally back to normal save some scars from the scratching. All in all, the allergic reaction took 4 hours to go away.

I do not know if T is also allergic to peanuts because only the K1 and K2 students were involved in the celebration so T never got to try the yusheng. Anyway, I just assume that T is allergic as well because years ago he had a pecan nut allergy when I ate pecan nuts and breastfed him.


3 thoughts on “Peanuts

  1. Now this is a big lesson learnt. Make sure the teacher have the awareness that K is allegic to peanut. K is the person who suffer in the end.

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