Random conversations with a (soon to be) six year old

29 Nov 12
Me: Buckle your seatbelt
K: My hands is sticky. If I buckle my seatbelt, my seatbelt will be sticky. And tomorrow my hands will be sticky again.

14 Dec 12
Grandfather: I feel sick. Hungry but cannot eat.
K: Teacher Nana (who is pregnant and then in her first trimester) feels tired but she cannot sleep.
K: It rhymes.

20 Dec 12
K: (Talking about his classmates) I and J hold hands everyday. They are lovers.

22 Jan 13
K: Q x x
K: This is how you spell quick.

29 Jan 13
K: On Monday you have to send me to school late.
Me: Why?
K: Because I do not like to eat oats (school serves oats every Monday).
T: The teacher said I cannot eat oats (which of course, I know is a blatant lie).

1 Feb 13
(On our way to an office gathering with colleagues)
K: Do u have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes, Kok Loon.
K: No, I mean in the office.
(Then K went on to tell me about his ‘girlfriend’ in the old school whom he pretend to marry on one day when there was no other students in the class. Huh? He thinks he has no ‘girlfriend’ in this current school.)

28 Feb 13
Chinese new year song: 我敲锣, 你打鼓.
K: Did you hear that mama? 我敲你, 你打我.
(Haa, pretty funny improvisation)


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