Random conversations with a three and a half year old … again

7 Dec 12
(T has been sitting on the toilet bowl for a while and his poo is stinking up the toilet)
(KL walks in and flushes the poo away)
T: (Instructs KL) Go to the kitchen and wash dishes. Go away.
(T was upset that someone flushed his toilet because he wanted to do it himself)

29 dec 12
T: Mama, next time when u grow up, do u want to be a reader?
Me: No I want to be a writer.
T: Then why everyday you read books?

Sometime in December
Christmas song: Mary’s boy child Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day.
T: Merry Christmas, Jesus Christ.
T: Was born on Christmas Day.
(So funny, in his version of the song, he was trying to wish Jesus Christ  a Merry Christmas!)

16 Jan 13
(When I asked him if he wanted to go out with me … )
T: I am very busy at home doing puzzles.

29 Jan 13
T: Girls like white.
Me: No, that’s not true. Anyone can like white.
T: But I don’t like white.

8 Feb 13
Me: Titus, before we go to Happy Willow, I want you to visit the toilet first.
T: I don’t want to.
Me: Next time when you are are 21 years old, you can make your own decision.
T: When I am 21 years old, I don’t have to go to the toilet is it?


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