On Monday, Titus decided that he wanted to change his name. Started from him wanting to wear a pair of pants that my mum sewed a “K” on. When told that the pair of pants doesn’t belong to him, Titus retorted with “but my name is K” …. “t u s”. After that, he wanted me to call him Ktus (I pronounce it as Kay-tus).

For a few days at home, he only wanted to respond to Ktus and not to Titus when we gave him instructions like taking out clothes to bathe, drinking milk etc. Then he wanted me to write it in his comms book so that his N2 teacher will know he changed his name. I had to explain to him that Ktus is a special name only the four of us will know at home, we can’t tell the teacher that. Then, he went to tell my mum house and told her that he changed his name. Just now when he went to sleep with a water bottle, he was bugging me to get him a new name sticker to paste over his old name!


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