Mandai Zoo on 16 Mar 13

40 Wild Years (1)

40 Wild Years (2)

We took part in the 40 Wild Years quiz at our last visit to the zoo. It was a tiring quiz that required us to cover the entire zoo and visit so many enclosures to find answers to 20 really obscure questions — the type that you can’t really google the answers for. I was hesitant to do the quiz but K heard that there was a goodie bag at the end of it and he gamely navigated us along. At the end of the quiz, we came home with a badge, gold marker, two packs of oreos and two packs of chocolates. Quite a bummer cos K couldn’t eat any of the food. They should have given out more zoo paraphernalia instead, like magnets, bookmarks, stickers etc.

Because we were forced to visit so many enclosures, we saw so many new things that we’ve not seen before! Like elephants painting on elephant-poo-recycled paper, a dead crocodile named Kaiser, lots of kangaroos, turtles eating their poop (ewwww), and lots and lots of fishes (T loves to see fishes swim) in the pygmy hippo and proboscis monkey enclosures.


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