Mandai Zoo on 2 Mar 13

New Shades 2 Mar 13
Am going through my March photos now and making a few collages here and there. Thinking back about the month, March was really a crazily busy month for me at work. I’ve lost count of the number of days where I stayed back 30 – 45 minutes overtime. There was even one weekend when I had to go back to work! Some of the things that had to scale back on the weekdays in March because of the busy-ness at work were less cooking at home (I cooked once instead of twice a week), less visits to the library (we visited fortnightly instead of weekly), swapping outdoor activities with indoor ones (such as visiting air-conditioned malls and Ikea because these are easier for me). Weekends were better, managed to bring them to Legoland again and twice to the zoo.

For this particular zoo visit, boys are wearing new shades from Daiso kindly sponsored by T as part of his reward for getting eight good boy stars. After this set of reward, I have upped the quota to ten good boy stars to earn the next reward.

K wanted to pose with the pandas because he said “Kai Kai” sounded like his name =)


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