Nosebleed that would not clot

K had one nosebleed yesterday afternoon in school, one nosebleed this morning before school, and one nosebleed this evening after dinner. The third nosebleed lasted more than 20 minutes because the blood just would not clot! We initially got him to lie down to help the blood to clot, but he was almost chocking on the blood so we got him to sit in an inclined position. We used close to 1/3 box of tissue, finished one story book, finished revising  10 spelling words, finished revising 听写, finished drinking milk … but the blood still did not clot. Along the way, he sneezed twice (big ones) and both nostrils started bleeding. He was also crying through the sneezing, so that made the bleeding even worse. He was tired and dropped off to sleep really soon after he was put to bed.

It didn’t help that he had an abscess (collection of pus with swelling and inflammation around it) on the nose that’s been growing for 2 – 3 days. It’s at a painful stage now because the pus is clearly collecting but pressure is not released because it has not burst yet.

PS: I haven’t been very diligent in jotting down the boys’ nosebleeds. But generally, the nosebleeds have decreased in frequency and intensity (till today’s incident of course). If my memory does not fail me, I think there were at a few months (November last year? February this year?) that went by without any of them bleeding!


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