Ulu Pandan Park Connector

Park 5 May 13

Park 5 May 13 (2)

I bought the boys to the Ulu Pandan Park Connector yesterday morning for a jog. I jogged and they scooted. Boys were going very fast and we covered 3km in 27 min (timing includes the 3 water breaks we took in between). K and I did this before but he was super slow then. I concluded that it’s because he has a competitive streak and cannot lose to his little brother at scooting, that’s why he went so fast yesterday.

After the 3km mark, boys were too hot and tired to scoot further. We walked around and they picked dried round fruits (don’t know what’s the name of the fruit, looks like a small coconut to me) to see who can throw further into the canal. Then we went to check out a playground in the nearby Ghim Moh area. T knocked out for a long 2.5 hour nap after lunch!


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