Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum (2013)

Art Garden 1
I like this year’s Art Garden very much. Without a doubt, the most beautiful room in this year’s exhibition is The Enchanted Garden City by Sandra Lee. It’s so awesomely beautiful that if you want to, you could certainly spend up to an hour in the room pouring over every little detail on the walls and floors. I thought it was really clever of the artist to Asianize the fairy tales that we’re so familiar with — like dressing Hansel/Gretel in Malay garb, changing Rapunzel into an Indian princess, making Humpty Dumpty sell satay on a beach etc. Fun things for the children to do in this room include running round and round the room, going up and down a rainbow bridge, and of course interacting with the pictures (some of the funny things that T tried were to climb the beanstalk, walk according to some patterns on the floor, swim below the bridge etc). There was also a table for colouring, but seriously there’s too many fun things to do in the room that we just skipped colouring all together.

Art Garden 2
Two other memorable rooms for me were a luminous cave that mimicked prehistoric paintings (blue and black picture with animals) and a whimsical room that somehow reminded me of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (picture of T sitting on a chair w/out legs). As compared to last year, the film screenings this year were so much better. There’s 15 short films/animations in all and you’ll need to factor in 68 minutes if you’re planning to sit through everything.

I personally think that you need at least 3 hours to go through the Art Garden comfortably. Two hours for viewing the rooms at a comfortable pace (meaning that children are allowed to sit and engage in whatever activities catches their fancy, for as long as they want to) and one hour for the film screenings.

If you’re interested, here are my reviews for the 2012 Art Garden¬†and the 2011 Art Garden.


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