T’s mid year report

– Seldom participates actively during class discussions
– Hesitant to contribute orally in class even though he enjoys participating in conversation and discussion with peers
– Needs more encouragement to develop his confidence in participating in the class

– Has a short span of listening
– Doesn’t seem to pay attention in class discussions and has to be called to get his attention
– However, he is able to complete and manage the assigned tasks
– Has the ability to follow a series of instructions
– Needs to be more focused in order for him to develop his skills in listening, particularly in following instructions
– Needs to be reminded frequently to demonstrate good seating because of his disruptiveness in class

– Can be very social and restless sometimes, but has a tendency to be aggressive, especially when playing with smaller peers
– Talks excessively when he is with other students playing, but is quiet when he is in class
– Is helpful, there is no need to ask for help as he will voluntarily do so

– Boosting his self-confidence would strengthen his skills in communication
– No doubt possesses good ability as a leaner and could work on his own, but he needs to have more focus in the class


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