Date with Mr K

Doc 5 Jun 13
Had a not so fun date with Mr K today. He has a ear infection so the both of us visited the polyclinic to get him antibiotics, went for lunch at the mall, came home to nap (only me, he didn’t), picked T early from school. Along with the ear infection, he had two nosebleeds that would not clot properly (in the past two weeks) and a hacking cough at night (for past two/three days). Now, visiting the doctor and consuming antibiotics is a very big deal for us at home. If we can help it, we would always choose to let the boys’ bodies fight the germs without any medication so the ‘cure’ for a simple cough and flu would be — eat a lot of fruits, drink a lot of water, sleep more. For today’s visit, it’s really because the pressure building up in his ear is increasing rather than decreasing by the day. He is also uncomfortable and experiencing pain. Fluid and pus is visible inside the left ear with our naked eye aided by a torch. Area behind the left ear is visibly swelling. And the ear stinks. All in all, we didn’t have a choice, so he’s now taking antibiotics for the second time in his life (first time was for a throat infection years ago). T still has an antibiotics-free history so if we can, we’ll keep it that way for as long as possible.

With the visit to the polyclinic, I’m also claiming my first child sick MC this year. Hopefully, there’ll be no more such visits to the doctors’ this year and I’ll just happily forfeit the rest of my child sick leave with MC quota =) I didn’t finish my quota for both 2012 and 2011!


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