Date with Mr T

Zoo 2 Jun 13
Had a fun date with Mr T on Sunday. It was supposed to be me bringing the two boys to the zoo together, but after breakfast, K opted out because he complained it was too hot and he wanted to follow KL home to “do homework”. Since there was only me and T, I decided to give him a treat on our date by bringing the stroller along! Our stroller has been parked in the storeroom for so many months that T forgot it was called a stroller. The other day, he was telling me that he wants to sit in the “trolley” in the storeroom, hahaa.

At the zoo entrance, we were given a Chinese instead of English map at the entrance, so he was mighty happy pouring over his Chinese map while I pushed him along on the stroller! Highlight for the day was to visit Inuka the polar bear, who is very beautiful especially when he’s swimming in the water. I’m not totally convinced that he’s able to acclimatize to our hot climate though, even if that’s what the Singapore Zoo claims.

K doesn’t have any real homework from school this month. His idea of homework was to do math sums set by KL and do math worksheets printed from the Internet (over the weekend, it was addition up to three digits, basic multiplication, basic division). In between each set of sums/worksheets, he’s given 20 minute breaks to play iPhone games.


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