IMM is not so crowded now

IMM 13 Jul 13
I think a lot of people are flocking to JEM still (it’s barely a month old) and as a result IMM is not so crowded nowadays. We popped by for a few hours to run errands and because it’s less crowded … parking is so much easier, there’s less children to jostle with in the playground, and shorter queues to contend with when we make purchases.


2 thoughts on “IMM is not so crowded now

  1. Hi Jane! Where do you get your templates? They are nice 🙂
    Nice pics of your boys playing. Very colorful and they look like they’re having so much fun. IMM is too far me though. I have to make do with the small playground at J8. Haha!

    • Got the templates from Smilebox =) I make a screenshot of the final collage and save it as a jpeg.

      I haven’t been to J8 in years, since I was in secondary school. Ha, didn’t know there’s a small playground there1

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