Funny conversations today

Some of the funny conversations that we had today …

K had two major nosebleeds today from both nostrils. First nosebleed was in school. He told me that the teachers in school said “you are very poor thing”. Naturally, I assumed that the teachers were talking about K, but no, he meant that they were talking about me (Jane). Because apparently, he heard the teachers say that I had to deal with T who is always naughty and K who is always having nose bleeds. That’s actually quite funny to me, cos I’ve never thought of myself being a “poor thing”, hahaa.

Second nosebleed was in a sports shop in Clementi Mall when we were buying a ball (for K’s 20 stars good boy reward). Luckily that shop had benches for trying on shoes so he just laid there to wait for blood to clot. Wah, it took almost 2 packets of tissue paper to soak up the blood. Really a lot of blood today. T said he saw a “Singapore flag” cos that particular tissue paper had quite nice white/red patterns!

At the supermarket, we witnessed a teenager drop a carton of eggs and several cracked. After T asked the teenager why he dropped the eggs (he was carrying too many things), T went over to survey the mess. He told me the eggs have “hatched”! Hahaa!



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