Preparations for primary school

K is fairly independent. Since he turned 5, he’s been taking the lifts on his own and walking from the car park back home on his own (no traffic lights to cross). Since he turned 6, he has been going to the supermarket to buy small items for me (again no traffic lights to cross), can be trusted to stay at home on his own for up to 30 min, can be trusted to play downstairs with the neighbourhood children on his own for 30 – 45 mins then he comes home on his own. However, there’s still tons of things I need to prepare him for primary school next year, starting with getting him to safely cross roads with traffic lights on his own.

The distance from our home to school is 500m, and there’s one traffic light crossing in the route. This morning, I offered K a choice to walk from home to school on his own. Me and T will still take the car, and we’ll meet him at school. K considered the idea briefly (he didn’t outright say no), but decided that he wanted to sit in the car in the morning.

When I picked the boys up in the afternoon, again I offered K a choice to walk from school to home on his own. He took it! I gave him the usual mummy safety instructions — stop at the school entrance to look left/right to make sure there’s no cars turning in/out of the school, only cross when the green man is present and he’s looked to make sure there’s no cars moving, not to cross when there’s red man or blinking green man. He quite enjoyed the experience and asked to do it again tomorrow.

I’m most likely going to get him to walk by himself to/from school once/twice a week for the next three months.


2 thoughts on “Preparations for primary school

    • No leh, didn’t get into the school next door. We’re going to one that is 2.6km away. But must still learn how to cross roads on his own!

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