Happy 4th Birthday

Birthday 24 Sep 13
There were many rounds of birthday songs plus candle blowing today. The first celebration was in school with his friends, jellies and goodie bags. The second celebration was at Swensons, where he pigged out on his fav pasta and fries, and where the adults ate the birthday ice cream on his behalf (ha!). The third celebration was back home where he unwrapped his presents and blew candles again just for the fun of it.

Thought it’ll be funny to jot down here that the first thing he did as a four-year-old wasn’t some spectacular feat but getting up in the middle of the night (3am? 4am?) and crying like a baby for someone to go lie down next to him. And then when I didn’t care to go over, he dragged himself and his blanket to my room and plonked himself on my room’s floor *sighz*. Don’t know how long more he’ll be doing this …


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