SEA Aquarium

Sentosa 10 Oct 13
The four of us skipped school/work today to visit the SEA Aquarium @ RWS Sentosa. K was misbehaving in the morning … made T cry twice, complained incessantly at lunchtime and bit T’s finger on the way to Sentosa. He refused to explain why he did so. As a punishment, nobody held his hands for the whole day.

Sentosa 10 Oct 13(2)
Why visit the aquarium? Well, I’ve heard good reviews about the place and figured it might be worth visiting because T likes looking at fishes. That said, I’m really not a big fan of marine life so after xxx number of tanks, the fishes all looked the same to me, hahaa. I also didn’t enjoy the visit as much as I should because the entire place was soooooo crowded! We literally had to squeeze our way in between hordes of people to get in front of the smaller tanks. I can’t imagine how much worse the weekend/PH situation will be. Of course, I probably won’t be back with the boys again unless tickets are free the next time round!


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