Desaru in October 2013

Desaru 1
KL had two weekdays off so we brought the boys to Desaru for a shortie getaway. We stayed at Pulai Desaru cos the weekday rate was cheap at about SGD$100 a room inclusive of breakfast. From reading the tripadvisor reviews, we sort of expected that the place would be more like a chalet than a hotel, which is really true — no gym, no free wifi, limited/poor food at breakfast etc. But on the upside, Pulai Desaru was v quiet on weekdays (apart from some corporate retreats) so its’ really nice to get the pool/beach to ourselves most of the time!

Desaru 2
The stretch of beach in front of our hotel was clean and nice.

Desaru 3
The pool was clean and nice too, and of a good size. Check out the boys’ cute flowery board shorts!

Desaru 4
K is 1.1m tall now and he is confident to go w/out a float in 1.1m – 1.5m deep waters so he can swim alongside us. All his swimming lessons are paying off!


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