Sick and miserable

Sick 6 Nov 13
T is sick and miserable, and taking antibiotics for the first time in his life. Brother had a cough last week, didn’t see a doc and got well on his own. T started a fever yesterday and our first suspicion is that he caught it from the brother, and as per our usual practice at home, we though of waiting it out for him to recover on his own. But his condition got quite bad this morning. He was so lethargic that KL had to skip a day of school to take care of him. Tonsils and lymph nodes were swollen, and worried that it could actually be from a staph infection, KL eventually bought him to the GP downstairs to get antibiotics. I was on PM leave so managed to take over from KL for a few hours to get him to eat some lunch and take a nap.

I’m really not too optimistic that he’ll get well tomorrow so it’ll be my turn to skip work tomorrow to take care of him (my second child sick MC this year). Hope his liquid intake improves tomorrow once the tonsils get less swollen.


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