Alexandra Canal Linear Park

Two weeks ago, I discovered the Alexandra Linear Park (1.4km starting from Queenstown MRT Station to Tanglin Road) and Alexandra Park Connector (1.7km from Tanglin Road to Zion Road) on my weekend jog. The Park Connector is so “well hidden” that I’m amazed I’ve not discovered it despite running parallel to the Park Connector weekly for more than 2 years!

There’s plenty of play equipment scattered along the Alexandra Linear Park stretch, and K especially liked this rope climbing thing which we’ve not seen in other parks before.

I tried this bouncing thing with them and thought it was quite fun myself!

Too bad the green/wooden thing doesn’t slide very smoothly across (I had to exert a lot of energy to push T across) else K can do the pushing … and I can just sit back and relax. Boys have asked me to bring them there again cos we’ve not checked out all the playgrounds along the whole stretch yet!!!


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