Visits to the dentist

Dentists Dec 13
It’s been more than a year since both boys visited the dentist. Sighz, they have three cavities between the two of them.

K –> Because of his extremely small jaw, he’s considered high risk for cavities so the dentist advised us to time his visits to his primary school’s dentist once every four months. K had a new cavity at the top back molar and it’s quite deep but thankfully it hasn’t reached the pulp yet. As he’s older now, he no longer needs to be sedated and can sit through a 40 minute procedure where the dentist injects local anesthesia, clean out the cavity, and fill it up. If you’ve read this post before, you will know that there’s a lot of work done to his baby teeth already. He only has 20 baby teeth but 5 are replaced by crowns, 5 have fillings and the rest have their enamel stripped to prevent food from getting stuck in between them.

T –> He has two small cavities on his bottom back molars. Dentist thinks that it’s not too deep yet and advised that we carry out the filling procedures only from the second visit onwards, so that his very first visit to the dentist remains a happy one! He’s way calmer on his first visit than K at the same age. The most surprising thing that we learnt from the dentist is that T doesn’t have 20 baby teeth. He only has 19! He is missing a lower incisor but we’ve never really discovered it until yesterday. Dentist said we’ll have to observe him when his teeth start falling out as she can’t tell now whether there’ll be any problems with his adult teeth because of that missing baby tooth.


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