Staycation at Capri

Capri 25 Dec 13
We’ve not gone for a staycation for a long time. We tried out Capri by Fraser over the Christmas break. It’s connected to Changi City Point so we could easily hop over to the mall for our meals. As the hotel is quite new, there were some novel features. There was a retractable separator between the bedroom and living area which the boys absolutely loved to play with (using a remote control to move it up/down and sliding across before it fell on their heads). There was a threadmill inside the pool which was a little strange (but K tried and thought it was v funny). There were themed laundry rooms at every levels with Wii/Kinect/Ipads etc. We stayed at the Ipad level, so boys just ran off to play on their own and came back on their own while we adults stayed in the room to watch TV, read magazines, snack and chill. It was a rather relaxing staycation for all of us =)


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